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Journal Article
Schwartz JJ, Mendoza AM, Wattanatorn N, et al. Surface Dipole Control of Liquid Crystal Alignment. JACS. 2016;138(18):5957-5967. Available at:
Stepnicka P, Base T, Cisarova I, et al. Synthesis and catalytic activity of spaced ferrocene oxazolines. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications. 2003;68(7). Available at:
Base T, Machacek J, Hajkova Z, et al. Thermal isomerizations of monothiolated carboranes (HS)C2B10H11 and the solid-state investigation of 9-(HS)-1,2-C2B10H11 and 9-(HS)-1,7-C2B10H11. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 2015. Available at:
Lubben JF, Base T, Rupper P, et al. Tuning the surface potential of Ag surfaces by chemisorption of oppositely-oriented thiolated carborane dipoles. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2011;354. Available at:
Boldog I, Reiss G, Domasevitch KV, Base T, Braese S. When does a supramolecular synthon fail? Comparison of bridgehead-functionalized adamantanes: the tri- and tetra- amides and amine hydrochlorides. Crystal Growth & Design. 2019. Available at:
Magazine Article
Olivová J. Architekti nejmenších strojů (in Czech only). A / Věda a výzkum. 2017;04/2017(4):62-65. Available at: a-04_2017_base_weiss_architekti_nejmensich_stroju.pdf (1.98 MB)
Base T, Londesborough MGS. Chemie podivnych tvaru aneb Vylet do rise hydridu boru (in Czech). Vesmir. 2008;87:748-749. Available at: base_londesborough_vesmir_2008-11_vol87_pp748-749.pdf (175.89 KB)
Lubben JF, Base T. Effizienter Korrosionsschutz von Silberoberflächen durch eine schonende und einfache molekulare Technologie. Horizonte. 2016;(47):24-28. Available at:
Olivová J. Když molekuly tančí kankán (Interview, in Czech). AB / Akadamický bulletin. 2018;04:12-14. Available at:
Base T. Klastrové molekuly na površích substrátů (in Czech only). Scientific American (Czech edition). 2017;květen_2017:34-35. Available at: base_scientificamerican_2017_spec-sekce_uach_5-2017_web.pdf (394.57 KB)
Base T. Ve znamení boru. Funkcionalizace kovových povrchů. Scientific American (Czech edition). 2016;květen_2016:34-43. Available at:
Base T. Carboranethiol-modified surfaces of gold colloids and films. Faculty of Chemical Technology, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry. 2007;Ph.D.:60. 2007_tomasbase_phdthesis.pdf (1.91 MB)