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Base T, Cisarova I, Stepnicka P. Acid-catalyzed self-alkylation of FcCH(2)NHPh. Solid-state structures of FcCH(2)NHPh and (FcCH(2))2NPh. Inorganic Chemistry Communications. 2002;5(1). Available at:
Base T, Bastl Z, Plzak Z, et al. Carboranethiol-Modified Gold Surfaces. A Study and Comparison of Modified Cluster and Flat Surfaces. Langmuir. 2005;21(17). Available at:
Londesborough MGS, Bould J, Base T, et al. An Experimental Solution to the "Missing Hydrogens" Question Surrounding the Macropolyhedral 19-Vertex Boron Hydride Monoanion [B19H22](-), a Simplification of Its Synthesis, and Its Use As an Intermediate in the First Example of syn-B18H22 to anti-B18H22. Inorganic Chemistry. 2010;49(9). Available at:
Base T, Bastl Z, Slouf M, et al. Gold Micrometer Crystals Modified with Carboranethiol Derivatives. J. Phys. Chem. C. 2008;112(37). Available at:
Jana A, Jash M, Poonia AKumar, et al. Light-Activated Intercluster Conversion of an Atomically Precise Silver Nanocluster. ACS Nano. 2021;15(10):15781-15793. Available at:
Stepnicka P, Base T, Cisarova I, et al. Synthesis and catalytic activity of spaced ferrocene oxazolines. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications. 2003;68(7). Available at:
Base T, Machacek J, Hajkova Z, et al. Thermal isomerizations of monothiolated carboranes (HS)C2B10H11 and the solid-state investigation of 9-(HS)-1,2-C2B10H11 and 9-(HS)-1,7-C2B10H11. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 2015. Available at: